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Water & Sanitation

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Water & Sanitation

In many underdeveloped countries people are forced to drink polluted water and feed their children food prepared with contaminated water. This often causes disease and can even lead to death.

A donation of just $700 allows us to engage a professional contractor to dig and install a water well with a name plaque to credit the donor.

For this donation, the donor will also receive, a certificate of appreciation; a location report on the well and its impact on the local community and who will use it; and photos showing the well following installation.

Our 3 year maintenance program requires the water supply be periodically checked and serviced by a qualified technician, ultimately improving the longevity of the well.

For those wishing to make a smaller donation, your donation will be deposited into a pool of funds dedicated to building community wells in impoverished zones and places which are designated as ‘most in need’.

Donate today and help us improve the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.